About Us

Eurokitchen Design Tonk N.V. is a supplier of European kitchens on Aruba. Starting in a small showroom 17 years ago and slowly growing bigger we opened in 2006 our current showroom. You can call it a ‘World of Kitchens’ on Aruba. In this ‘World of Kitchens’ we sell mainly kitchen of the German brand ALNO. The name Tonk (Mr. Tonk is the owner of the company) and ALNO are like the name Tonk and Aruba, connected for a very long time. ALNO and Mr. Tonk know each other from the Dutch kitchen market, between these two there was always a very good business relationship. The cooperation that followed from The Netherlands on Aruba was also very good. Many kitchens from this German company are already sold and placed by Eurokitchen Design Tonk on Aruba, with the fullest satisfaction of the customers. In whole America from North to South, you won’t find any showroom with 550 m² quality kitchens in the Flagship-concept from the ALNO-concern at Solito 120.

Business size

26-100 employees


Commercial presence